310 songs. 22 hours. 1 livestream.

Remember Ümloud! 2011, when Tim Converse played Freebird on pro-guitar? It just so happens that he’s the only person EVER to complete all the goals in Rock Band 3. All of them.

Now he’s back, once again going where no one has gone before: Tim will play every. single. pro-guitar song in Rock Band in one day.

That’s 310 songs and about 22 hours of playtime.

And he’s doing it all to help Forever Alone, Together raise money to win Ümloud!’s headliner competition.

Tune in 10:00am, Saturday November 3 to watch world records shatter left and right. Even the Guinness book guys will take note of what’s happening here on Forever Alone, Together’s Ümloud! band page. RSVP and learn more on Forever Alone, Together’s Facebook Event Page.

How will French KISS respond? We don’t know, but somebody should really call the Legion.