Today we announce a number. It’s a bigger number than last year. Hopefully you can handle it:


For this and much more, we thank each and every one of you.

To the core staff, the volunteers, our sponsors, prize donators, DNA Lounge, the wonderful bands, and the over 650 who came to the event: Each of you have made this event possible. Your efforts provide support for thousands of children and their families around the world in moments where support is needed the most. We are proud to see an increase of donations where charitable giving decreased around the world. This is the number that will be written on a check and mailed off to Child’s Play Charity, showing that all of you are wonderfully awesome.

Wondering what that + is for? That’s because we always accept donations. If you didn’t make it to the event or want to contribute more, please make a donation. If you’re planning on selling items via eBay, you can also donate 10% to 100% of the final sale price to Ümloud! directly via the Mission Fish program.

We plan on selling the Ümloud! t-shirts after the holidays. We’ll have more details later.

Photos by Tyler Winegarner Photography and videos by Dawnrunner Productions of the event are being edited. There’s a lot of awesome to handle and they’re working tirelessly to get them to you!

The board members (Chris, Uncle Ed, Joe, & Seg) thank you all for making Ümloud! 2010 bigger and better this year! Follow us on this blog, Twitter (@Umloud), and on Facebook for more news later next year, including the date for the 2011 event.

Update: Last year’s event, Ümloud! 2009, raised $7,000 for Child’s Play Charity.