Ümloud! 2013 Postponed, But Not Gone!


Dear friends of Ümloud!:

I am sad to inform you that Ümloud! will not happen this December. With the current state of the game industry and assorted other reasons, we are taking this opportunity to move our annual charity concert to late April or May of next year.

That said, we hope that you do continue to support the children and now domestic violence facilities though a number of ways:

Directly via Child’s Play

You can always donate directly via Child’s Play. If you wish to make your donation ‘count’ for Ümloud!, use this donation widget. Donations though the widget show us that there are still plenty of people out there who love what Ümloud! represents.

Child's Play Charity

Desert Bus for Hope

Our Canadian friends at LoadingReadyRun are back at playing the worst game ever made for Child’s Play. They start streaming this Saturday Nov 16th at 10am PST, then continue for… ever? :D

Desert Bus for Hope 7

What Can I do for Ümloud! now?

Like I said before, Ümloud! will still continue on! We just need some additional time, which allows us to take the opportunity in rescheduling out of the holiday season. We’ve frequently heard complaints that the show’s schedule conflicted with office parties, college finals, and other events. We hope we can find a better time that everyone can rock out together!


- John “Seg” Seggerson & The Ümloud! Staff

Ümloud! contributes $42K to Child’s Play


Ümloud! is pleased to see everyone looking so fresh-faced and bright in the new year. We’ve got some big news to share.

The final fundraising total from Ümloud! 2012 is $42,031.14.

Ümloud! volunteer Jason Pagura expresses excitement. Photo by Noel Holmes.

Ümloud! volunteer Jason Pagura expresses excitement. Photo by Noel Holmes.

That’s more than 2010 and 2011 totals combined!! (Yeah, our jaws dropped too.)

We’re absolutely thrilled and can’t stop grinning. THANK YOU for making a big difference for those in need this year. This is HUGE – bigger than the Empire State Building, bigger than the world’s largest burrito. It takes people like you to make it happen.

Special thanks to Tim Schafer for hosting Ümloud! 2012, DNA Lounge for a wonderful venue, and to our incredible sponsors: Perfect World Entertainment, Unknown Worlds Entertainment, Double Fine, Harmonix Music Systems, One PR Studio, Tekamaki, Nerd Kingdom, and Rockstar Attraction. And thanks the AV Society for broadcasting, and Twitch.tv for featuring the event.

And an extra-special thanks to our headliner band Forever Alone, Together and our special guest, French KISS. From headliner competition to performance, you guys put so much heart in this, we saw a little of ourselves.

Lastly, to each and every one of our volunteers, our bands, and over 120,000 attendees online and over 520 attendees at DNA Lounge, thank you for rocking out and being all-around amazing.

As for 2013? Can’t wait to see what happens next.

* $2,745.00 will be set aside especially for our beautiful home state of California’s hospitals – in compliance with state raffle laws.

Update 1/8/2012: Check’s in the mail! (more…)

Play with Tim Schafer at Ümloud!



A game session with Tim Schafer and "Kinect Party" at Ümloud! 2012!This year, game design luminary Tim Schafer (creator of Grim Fandango and head of Double Fine) is hosting Ümloud! 2012. With this exclusive package, 5 very lucky gamers will get a private preview of Double Fine’s next title “Kinect Party”, and play it with the legend himself.

OMG, right? You’ll be FIRST to play, can brag forever to all your buddies, and plaster your social media with the photographic evidence.

Auction ends Tue December 4th at 3:30pm! Bid now!

When you win this auction, you’ll get:

  • 5 tickets to Ümloud! and the Ümloud! pre-show.
  • 5 guests get a private 10-minute play session of “Kinect Party” with Tim Schafer before the show.
  • Professional photos of winner + guests with Tim Schafer.
    • Digital photos provided after the event.
  • PLUS 5 exclusive download codes for Double Fine’s “Kinect Party” before the official release!

All proceeds go to Child’s Play, which donates video games, cash, and other support to children in hospitals and their families — both in the Bay Area, and worldwide. Aww.

The play session with Tim is on Thursday December 6th, 2012.
Guests must be at DNA Lounge in San Francisco by 5:45pm. No exceptions.

Bid now for get your chance to meet Tim!

Unknown Worlds and Perfect World Entertainment – Premier Co-Sponsors



‘Worlds’ Collide In a Munificent Mash-Up at Annual Rock Band™ Bash Benefitting Child’s Play

San Francisco, California — November 20, 2012 — Ümloud!, San Francisco’s biggest and most awesome annual non-profit gaming fundraiser for Child’s Play, is pleased to announce that Unknown Worlds and Perfect World Entertainment have, for the first time ever, secured Premiere Co-Sponsorship roles in support of this year’s event. Taking place at DNA Lounge on December 6, this annual evening of jamming and generosity is made possible by the Bay Area’s own Unknown Worlds and Perfect World Entertainment. Thanks to their generous support, every attendee’s donation will go directly to support children’s hospitals around the world through Child’s Play. (more…)


Forever Alone, Together

Ümloud! 2012 Headliner Band: Forever Alone, Together
Photo by Liz Caruana: www.lizcaruana.com/
Logo Design by Dennis Carpentier dc32@me.com

Ümloud! 2012’s headliner is officially FOREVER ALONE, TOGETHER. Fireworks!

And what a nail-biter! This contest was incredibly close, thick with heckling, and came right down to an exciting photo finish. The contenders leap-frogged through Thursday the 15th, raising a combined $2,376.02 in the final 24 hours alone.

Once the dust settled, Forever Alone, Together stood triumphant, proudly clutching the coveted 2012 Headliner title. They held private fundraisers and hosted a RockBand Pro-Guitar marathon to raise an astounding $3,151.55! And over the entire weeks-long battle, both contenders raised an astronomical grand total of SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS ($5,998.89) for Childsplay! (more…)



Build your reel, flex your film-making chops, and create a rock music video. It just might help sick kids in hospitals.

WHAT THIS IS: a pro-bono project for a 501(c)(3) organization called Ümloud!*  (more…)



Forever Alone, Together adorned masks to entertain their livestream audience.

Last weekend, our Ümloud! Contender bands brought in a landslide of donations.  Whether they kidnapped a few leprechauns or blackmailed old college roommates, we don’t know. What we DO know is that they raised over $1,370 in 2 days – with donations ranging from just one dollar to $234.56 (true story!).  We’d like to send out huge thanks and bear hugs to all who made the weekend one to remember.

This also means that, to this date, our contenders have raised a whopping $2,706.37! THANK YOU!! (more…)

Pro Guitar Marathon Makes History


310 songs. 22 hours. 1 livestream.

Remember Ümloud! 2011, when Tim Converse played Freebird on pro-guitar? It just so happens that he’s the only person EVER to complete all the goals in Rock Band 3. All of them.

Now he’s back, once again going where no one has gone before: Tim will play every. single. pro-guitar song in Rock Band in one day.

That’s 310 songs and about 22 hours of playtime.

And he’s doing it all to help Forever Alone, Together raise money to win Ümloud!’s headliner competition.

Tune in 10:00am, Saturday November 3 to watch world records shatter left and right. Even the Guinness book guys will take note of what’s happening here on Forever Alone, Together’s Ümloud! band page. RSVP and learn more on Forever Alone, Together’s Facebook Event Page.

How will French KISS respond? We don’t know, but somebody should really call the Legion.

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